Food Day Canada 2021 Kickoff and Tribute

Food Day Canada Kickoff and Tribute to Founder culinary great Anita Stewart

Hosted by LaFONTANA Restaurant in Elora

Food Day Canada is a national event for all Canadians to join hands in one massive celebration in praise of our food and all the good people who make it happen from farms to our forks. We can all shine a light on Canadian cuisine with Food Day Canada to be held July 31, 2021.

Food Day Canada was founded by the late Anita Stewart, C.M., in 2003 as a show of support for Canadian beef farmers. Since then, it has grown and evolved into a national celebration for Canadians to share their food and their stories with each other while leading other nations in cultural diversity, food ethics, magnificent flavours … and fun!  As a tribute to Anita’s legacy, Food Day Canada continues to actively promote our distinctly unique food culture with celebrations in person and online from coast to coast.

To launch this year’s Food Day Canada, Jason Bangerter the Executive Chef at Langdon Hall and Denis Fontana, owner of LaFONTANA restaurant came together with her family to create an amazing tribute to Anita Stewart featuring some of Anita’s favourite local, award winning chefs and recipes.

Denis Fontana shares, “I am very proud of the incredible event we have put together to celebrate Anita’s philosophy to care about what is around you! When I think of Anita Stewart, I think of what the hospitality and culinary world should represent: passionate individuals who care about food, more than just for nourishment.” He continued, “Anita directed us to become a center of showcasing what’s available in our ‘backyard’, even when featuring a foreign cuisine.”

Jason Bangerter, Executive Chef, Langdon Hall shared, “Anita Stewart was a longtime mentor, supporter, close friend and a national culinary icon in her tireless advocacy for Canada’s food industry. Using Canadian ingredients is at the forefront of our ethos at Langdon Hall, and Food Day Canada provides an important opportunity to educate and celebrate our local foods, farmers, fishers, home cooks, chefs, bakers, brewers, wine makers and so much more.”  Chef Bangerter continued, “I’m so happy we can honour our nation’s cuisines and the legacy Anita has left us.  I miss her dearly and I am so proud to be able to continue her work and cook Canadian with Canadians on Food Day Canada on July 31st.”

The dinner and Food Day Canada kickoff including a silent auction will be hosted on July 29, 2021 at LaFONTANA restaurant in Anita Stewart’s hometown of Elora, Ontario.  Participating chefs including Jason Bangerter, Denis Fontana, and Jeff Stewart, Anita’s son (representing her family) will be hosting a media session before the dinner.

Proceeds will be directed to the Anita Stewart Tribute Fund at the University of Guelph.  Everyone can get involved by taking the pledge to shop, cook and dine like a Canadian on and share their stories with #FoodDayCanada.   “Canada is Food and the world is richer for it!” Anita Stewart

Participating Friends of Food Day Canada chefs:

  • Jason Bangerter, Langdon Hall
  • Beth Becker, Elora Mill
  • Aaron Carley, Braai House
  • Denis Fontana, La FONTANA
  • Ryan Goodfellow, Elora Brewing Company
  • Jason Parsons, Peller Estates
  • Jer Robbins, La FONTANA
  • Ben Sachse, The Fat Sparrow
  • Jeff Stewart, Food Day Canada
  • Anthony Walsh, Oliver & Bonacini

Denis LaFontana, Owner LaFONTANA Restaurant, Elora, ON  

Jeff Stewart, son of Anita Stewart, Food Day Canada volunteer

Jason Bangerter, Executive Chef, Langdon Hall, Cambridge, ON

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Author: Jeff

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