Food Day Canada 2013 – A Decade Young

In 2003 the Canadian food community rallied together in a virtual party to support the farming families who were having their livelihoods pummelled by the closing of the US and other borders during the BSE crisis.   We called our friends, broadcast, wrote and emailed almost anyone who’d listen and then act.  The notion was to head to our grills on the Saturday of that August long weekend at 6 p.m., grill Canadian beef and share our stories.  It worked!  On that day, The World’s Longest Barbecue began in Beijing and circled the globe to Victoria, B.C.  

It’s been a great decade with some incredibly creative public postings and some stunningly original menus.  

We’ve added dozens of recipes and a Made In Canada series that shows off the talent of Canadian plant breeders.  Our Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter (closing in on 10K followers) presence is extremely strong and our newsletter reaches out to thousands across Canada and around the world.    

Although there have been awards for both the public and chefs, it seems that, at the end of the day, the greatest prize, the gold ring on this merry go round we call “Culinary Canada” has been knowing that we are doing the right thing and showing the world how well Canadians work together when confronted with a threat to our agricultural community.  Of course, it doesn’t hurt to have a party either.  

The 2013 list of Chefs and Restaurants is filling rapidly.  Check them out – they’re listed below — and make some summer plans.  But keep checking back as there’ll be many new restaurants, too.   These are people who walk the talk and are setting the table for Canada’s future with their ingenuity and fortitude.

Stay tuned…we’ve only just begun!




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Author: Anita

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