Convocation in the Sunshine

It was a perfect day.

Sun shining, my 95 year old mom there, huge familial contingent, friends around, graduates and parents milling about smiling broadly.

There have been many honours over the years but this one was exceedingly special. Written, endorsed and supported by Deans and Faculty across the University of Guelph and “recommended by The Senate” – Doctor of Laws (Honoris causa).

As the Beadle placed the hood over my head, the President officially bestowed the honour.  We both had tears in our eyes. Then I gave the Convocation address.  I have heard that it made people hungry. As it should – we have a delicious nation!

I have more flowers in my house than I can take pictures of  and letters have come from many places.   But I would like to share them…with the producers and the chefs, the communicators and the researchers of Canada. When all is said and done, what I do is ultimately simple. I hold up a mirror to this most magnificent of nations
.After Convocation 2011

Thank you University of Guelph. Thank you Canada!

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Author: Anita

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