SaskMustard – Saskatchewan Mustard Development Commission

Canadian mustard is on menus globally but mustard production began in western Canada as recently a 1936 with 40 hectares grown in southern Alberta. At that time, the states of California and Montana monopolized production, but Canadian acreage increased because of higher yields and better quality. During the 1950’s and 1960’s, mustard production migrated east and today, Saskatchewan accounts for about 75 per cent of Canadian mustard production. Today Canada produces the most mustard on earth.

Mustard can be used in seed form, ground into a powder or made into prepared mustard, like the yellow mustard used on hot dog or as an ingredient in mayonnaise. Brown mustard is used for hot mustard varieties, such as Dijon. Oriental mustard is also spicier than yellow, and is a common ingredient in Asian cooking.

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