Well, you did it again! 

Thousands of Canadians spread the word and partied in their backyards and farm fields while our super-talented, super-committed chefs created incredible Food Day Canada menus and hashtag’d them for the world to see.  Didn’t hurt to have the CN Tower blazing in the August sky either!  

You led Social Media and you pointed the way to the future.  THANK  YOU!!!!  Pride is clearly NOT a four-letter word.

Seems as though we all agree that Food Day Canada should really be every day for all Canadians.  But till that happens, we’ll celebrate the harvest together and continue to honour those who put such great ingredients in our larders, so chefs and home cooks have the best shopping list in the world. 

Huge thanks to the team at the CN Tower for their amazing help, to all our steadfast Partners and especially to the University of Guelph, Arrell Food Institute, Restaurants Canada, Canada Beef , George Brown College and the Dairy Farmers of Canada.  We’re really grateful for the encouragement and on line help in spreading the word provided Ontario’s Craft Brewers, Taste and Travel Magazine, The Culinary Tourism AllianceTaste of Nova Scotia.

And an incredible…as loud a shout out of THANKS… to all those who took it upon themselves to share our stories, to Shop, Cook and Share like the Canadians we are! 

It was great to get such supportive messages from both the Federal Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Laurence Macaulay and Ontario’s Minister and veteran MPP Ernie Hardeman.  And how many agricultural organizations chimed in this year?  We’ve lost count.  But when all’s said and done the basic thread that runs through all the celebrations was that that Canada IS food and the world is richer for it.   

But before we pack up our picnic blankets and hang up our aprons,

let’s add this date to our calendars: 

Saturday, August 3rd, 2019 

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