Klondike Kate’s Restaurant and Cabins, Dawson City, Yukon

Klondike Kate, Klondike Kate's, Klondike Kate's Yukon, Dawson City Yukon, Yukon food, Traditional Canadian food, Dawson City Gold RushThe gold rush of 1898 was a wild time in Dawson City. Its legacy is some great old architecture. Much of Dawson City is a National Historic Site on the banks of the Yukon River, the third longest river in North America which flows northwest from the Coastal Range mountains of northern British Columbia, through the Yukon Territory and Alaska to the Bering Sea.

Josee Savard and Chef Phillippe Lamarche have Klondike Kate’s Restaurant and Cabins, a lovely eatery plus accommodation, in a building constructed in 1904.

Josée  writes, “We embrace the adventures and hardships of a Northern lifestyle. A first glance at Dawson city’s growing season seems to afford a limited variety of produce. However, by emulating the resourceful culinary skills of seasoned First Nation peoples and by discovering unique Yukon ingredients, one can create an exciting new view of Canadian cuisine.”

Klondike Kate’s commitment to environmentally friendly products in the cabins and the use of local products in the restaurantChanterelles from the North, Canada foodgoes hand in hand with Dawson City’s effort to embrace tourism as a healthy and sustainable industry. This commitment runs as deep as the Yukon River where much of the food used in the restaurant is harvested on or from.

She continues, ” All of our local fresh seasonal vegetables are from farmer Grant Dowdell who lives up river on an island with no electricity, and who uses a well that waters his crops by gravitational power. The Saskatoon berries for our muffins or pies are grown by a local farmer down river. The river-caught salmon is alder smoked by the First Nations in season.”

Klondike Kate’s also uses fresh edible flowers from their own garden including nasturtium, pansies, and a variety of herbs. The menu features caribou and bison smokies, Whitehorse Arctic Char, Alaskan Halibut used for fish and chip specials, fresh mushrooms (especially the famous morel) foraged by Philippe himself, Best bacon in the North, Klondike Kateswhich are then dried and stored for daily use. Many of the menu items, like the salmon entrée or the warm solstice salad, feature locally provided birch syrup. The restaurant serves locally roasted coffee beans, a variety of beers from Yukon Brewery, and offers delicious martinis made from vodka distilled in West Dawson and fresh local berries.

Klondike Kate’s always embraces Food Day Canada with great enthusiasm. What a menu!!!!

Contact Klondike Kate’s at the number below to reserve a Food Day Canada table.

Contactez Klondike Kate’s directement, au numéro ci-dessous, afin de faire votreJournée des terroirs réservation.

Baking in the North, Canada foodKlondike Kate’s Restaurant and Cabins
3rd Avenue & King St.
Dawson City,
Yukon,  YOB 1G0
T: 867 993 6527


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