Mother’s, Halifax

Mother’s Pizza is Devin McLean Photographythe brainchild of Chef/Owner Tyson Wachter who already had a successful pizza restaurant in the Turks and Caicos.  The goal was to open a first rate pizza restaurant while sourcing the most local ingredients possible. And he has!   

Baking is part of Tyson’s heritage – his grandfather was a baker who immigrated from Italy – but it wasn’t till university and working in a series of restaurant jobs to make ends meet that he truly found his passion in the restaurant industry. Like most successful chefs he worked his way up through the ranks…dishwasher, prep cook…you know the story.

The timing is right.  With new farmers markets, dynamic producers and consumers who want to honour their own, Nova Scotia is full of great food, wine and, of course for pizza, fabulous beers.  Tyson wrote:  “Our sausage and other meats are all from the Annapolis Valley and come from free range, no hormone added animals, ground and cased, smoked by Peasants Pantry Our beers all come from within the city –  Garrison, North Brewing Co, Propeller.  All of our flour is milled in Canada, our cheeses are Canadian as well and we get herbs from Riverview Herbs.  Now that I have my own home, some of the produce comes from my own garden. Coffee comes from North Mountain coffees where it’s roasted near the Annapolis Valley.”

Below is one of their ‘flagship pizzas’….a white one with smoked provolone, mozzarella, chorizo sausage and walnuts,  After baking it’s drizzled with a balsamic vinegar reduction and honey, then topped with fresh arugula. And by the way, at Mother’s there are no microwaves! 

For Food Day Canada there’s always a special dish. This year Tyson did  a garden salad (at right) with house made cheese and a basil pesto pizza with andouille sausage and red onion. What makes is so special is that the cheese uses local milk with rennet or citric acid and ‘not lemon juice’.

Mothers Pizza
5710 Young Street,
Halifax, NS B3K 4I5

T: 902-406-5050


Photography by Devin McLean. 

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