J.K. Farm, Hillier / Prince Edward County, Ontario

JK FarmThis is a rather unusual post as J.K. Farm is just that, a farm, and not officially a restaurant.  Chef Jamie Kennedy is one of the deans of Canadian cuisine.  He’s been a mentor to countless young chefs and has invested his life into the pursuit of excellent food.

Every summer Chef Kennedy and his friends have shared the beauty and bounty of his farm in Hillier, Prince Edward County with a series of Saturday evening dinners to  celebrate the gastronomic beauty and spirit of this special place on the shores of Lake Ontario.  This year, however, they’re taking the summer off to work on the Farm’s infrastructure. 

So every Saturday you’ll find Jamie at the Wellington Farmers Market  cooking and selling his extraordinary thyme-scented fries with aioli each SATURDAY AND SUNDAY during the market season which runs May 24 – October 7, 2018.

He writes:  “It is our role to interpret the bounty of Southern Ontario into dishes and wine pairings that resonate with a clarity that can be identified with this place….taking into consideration not only the climate and soil type of the place but also the people; the artisans who are themselves engaged in a direct relationship with the place. The fishers, the growers of fruits and vegetables, the producers of animals, prepared meats and cheeses, the winemakers and brewmasters.”

We’re looking forward to next year already but in the meantime….see you at the Market!

J.K Farm est l’un des beaucoup de restaurants à travers tout le Canada qui participent au Journée des terroirs. 

The Jamie Kennedy Cookbook is one of the most lavish and well produced books we’ve ever seen in Canada. 

Website: Jamie Kennedy



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