Fusion Grill, Winnipeg, Manitoba

Sometime in February 2006 I decided that an ice fishing trip was in order and, rather than renting a hut, I headed to Winnipeg on the insistence of Fusion Restaurant’s, fishing-obsessed owner, Scot McTaggart.  Scot had had the decency to warn me that it’d be cold.  But it WAS FREEZING.  Minus 40’C and blowing sideways!   We jumped into Scot’s truck and got ready to head north to Gimli where fisherman David Olson was waiting to take us out onto the deeply frozen lake when…psssssfffft…the tire on his Ford Explorer let go.  This is one of those experiences that either wrecks a relationship or cements it forever.  Tire jacks and snowbanks don’t go together but  Scot’s sense of humour prevailed and I learned more that day about winter fishing than I’d ever known.

Fusion MB Pork L_DMcTaggart owns Fusion Grill and operates the front of the house.  His pride in Canada has propelled him to develop the best Canadian wine list in the Province and certainly among the best anywhere on the Prairies. His knowledge of Canadian wine and the wines in his cellar is encyclopedic.

Fusion Lorna L_DChef Lorna Murdoch is the undisputed talent in the kitchen.  The menus flow elegantly and thoughtfully with the seasons.  The Manitoba pork chop is smoked with Crown Royal oak barrel chips that Scot shaved with an electric door planer and spent rye barrels. They are retired them after 20 years of aging.

One of Fusion’s iconic dishes that makes “return engagements periodically” is the slow-roasted Manitoba bison back ribs have a 5 Star whiskey glaze and garlic smashed potatoes. The fabulous Northern Pike à la forestiere is served on oyster shells while panko crusts the tender pickerel cheeks with Northern pike caviar, crème fraiche and pea shoots.

Wine Access magazine named their white truffle perogies with duck sausage and walnut cream sauce as one of the101 Reasons to Love Food in Canada.  We heartily agree.  What the creative team serves forth pays homage in the finest possible fashion to the food and the culinary culture of Manitoba!

FUSION Food Day Canada 2019 Tasting Menus

Contact Fusion Grill at the number below to reserve a Food Day Canada table.

Contactez Fusion Grill directement, au numéro ci-dessous, afin de faire votre Journée des terroirs réservation

Fusion Grill
550 Academy Road at Lanark St.
Winnipeg, Manitoba  R3N 0E3

T: 204 489 6963


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